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Do you pay a lot to insure your EV? I certainly did, the first time. This changed for me, and can for you too  but there's a trick!

The RAC of WA is a club of automobile and road users, and they have always advocated for the average driver. I'm embarrassed to say that it was a while ago when I first had reason to complain about their lack of support for no-ICE (Internal Combustion Engined) vehicles.  At that time I was pleased when the Manager of Vehicle Insurance, Adam Savage rang me to explain that the RAC was keen to begin supporting EVs.  I told some others but it turns out there was a gotcha now we know the way around it, and just below I tell you all you need to do.

I was able to bring my annual insurance bill down from around $800 to under $400, on the grounds that insurance is all about risk, and after showing him my car and explaining my concerns - and presumably how carefully I was going to drive it! - he went away to look at the problem and arrange a quote. 

Did you know that the RAC used to use a Mazda MX-series sports car in their advertising… I should make mine yellow, too, or is that orange? yuk! It was near sunset, I think. ;-P 

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Theirs COULD  have been electric too, given how easy it seems to be to convert the Mazda MX-series… Consider the great MX-series conversions by Ian Hooper at ZEVA, for example.

 Anyway, a few days later he came back with the quote, saying that drivers of EV conversions had every reason to be careful of their vehicles and therefore we were generally low risk. I gather he also was helped in his decision by how easy it was to service and maintain EVs, and that there were two EV conversion companies in Perth who could manage the challenges of repair if it were needed.  

Turns out, not Adam's fault, the RAC's quotation system … was not able to handle EVs

I was impressed and hoped it was not a one-off price or a once-only deal. But Adam assured me that the RAC wanted to get into the electric vehicle space. I told fellow members at the AEVA.WA meetings a few times after that but... there was a trick. Turns out, not Adam's fault,  the RAC's quotation system for people who rang up to get quotes was not able to handle EVs as conversions. There was apparently a note on the screen saying 'refer all EV enquiries to Mr Savage', but it clearly wasn't obvious enough. I had members saying they were not able to get any price reduction for their EV, and now we know why. Turns out that the only was was to speak directly to the insurance sales team rather than the phone operators. Anyway, I was able to pass Adam's number on and a number of members have reported that they too now have very reasonable insurance premiums for their treasured electric vehicles. Maybe these days they have fixed this and its just a simple call. Its getting easier every day to own an EV...

I'm loathe to advertise someone else's phone number on my website but am happy to hand it out if you have trouble contacting Adam at the RAC. Please add a comment or send me an email (in the sidebar under General Feedback).

And in case you are worried, it is still white, really...



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