EVs an alternative?


Chevvy Volt - first proposed in 2007 - drew much praise from critics for its no-compromise design. And jokes about 40 mi range in electric mode. 

IF YOU can look around at what is happening in the natural world and argue that the human race has not contributed one iota to it, then WE probably arent going to agree. :-)  Maybe like Oprah Winfrey, you believe ‘the biggest secret in life is there is no secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you are willing to work.’ 


V.1 of he new and ACTUAL Chevvy Volt, not the initial more futuristic design... (Sep 08). Sales have continued to improve for GM. No-one laughs today

SORRY Oprah, its not that easy... for a start, there are real limits in this world, like ‘peak oil’ (no observer refutes its existence, just whether we have hit it or not). Just like there is a better way to frame dieting, namely as ‘healthy eating’, so EVs are a new way to think about personal transport.

GM proved it hadn’t much of a world view back in the ‘90s when it crushed all its EV1s, and no US car company seems any better now, argues this writer:

Let's hope the start-ups don't lose their motivation and financial backing, because here's the sad news: don't look to the traditional OEMs. The American car companies, as everyone knows, are circling the drain, ruined by several decades of a spectacular blend of arrogance, greed, and stupidity -- resulting in the wanton neglect of their customers' true automotive needs. Even the reasonably healthy Japanese manufacturers are in a desperate struggle to hoard cash, slash R&D investment (as well as production), and are certainly in no hurry to develop or usher in a new automotive paradigm.

By Bill Weaver, EVworld, Nov 2008

Depressing huh? WHY do anything? 

Too negative. Let's ask better questions… 

     Where in the world are we going? 
     What are the easy issues, the low fruit, easy for picking?
     How can I help? 

This blog is one of my solutions.

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